Tuesday, 31 March 2015

History 12-1: Hitler's Rise to Power

Today I began by asking, "How did Hitler come power?" Many of you had pieces of the answer; thanks for sharing. In the course, it is important to ask these basis questions from time to time in order to discover the holes in our understanding. I spent the next part of the lesson discussing the rise in popularity of the NAZI Party, but also identified key points along the road where different outcomes/decisions may have been made. Certainly, I think we have a better picture of the political spectrum in Germany at the time, and how the Weimar Constitution and the role of the President affected the outcomes.

Next, we looked at a list of ten things that had a part to play in Hitler's rise to power. We noted which ones were indications of (1) NAZI strength, (2) others' weakness, or (3) outside factors. I then asked you to decide which one factor was most important of all. I hope that you get used to doing this kind of critical thinking and pose for your own personal consideration, these kinds of questions when you do your reading. By thinking more deeply (and thus putting less focus on merely recalling "the story") you will come to a more fulsome understanding of the things we examine.

For homework, please read Demarco pp. 96-101 and complete Ex #5. Also, please complete the Falk activity (Ex #9) on anti-Semitism.

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