Monday, 9 March 2015

History 12-1: After the November Revolution

You must be able to describe the characteristics and
outcomes of each plan
Today we began by doing a quick, oral summary of the what/so-whats for the unit vocabulary terms (on page 2 of Falk - tomorrow we'll create a Google doc to solidify those and more). We then debriefed the DeMarco readings. That included creating an abridged timeline of the key events of 1917. We did the Falk exercise that compares and contrasts the three economic plans using a jigsaw format. We'll start tomorrow by hearing the definitions of the terms at the bottom of that sheet.

I plan to give a unit test on the Russia/USSR unit on Thursday. For tonight I asked that you read DeMarco pp. 56-59 and complete Ex 1-3. We'll finish that chapter tomorrow, so depending on your schedules, you may like to work ahead.

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