Friday, 6 March 2015

History 12-1: The Russian Events of 1917

Today we began with a jigsaw activity in the Howarth text. Students work in groups to first read and then discuss a passage that they then summarized and shared with the class. Being able to summarize/synthesize long passages into concise speaking notes is a transferable skill that will serve you well in your futures.

Next, we took a stroll down a memory lane (timeline) of events from 1905 to 1918. Notice how the cards on the side board showing the political spectrum (political groups/parties) helped us in our explanation of the events. Here as some pics from that:
1861 - 1905
August, 1905 - December, 1916
Feb - March, 1917
April - July, 1917
August, 1917 - July, 1918
Next, we pair-shared (mostly me sharing) the answers to Falk's Ex #15 The Provisional Government. For homework, please read the rest of the chapter in DeMarco pp. 47-55. Also please complete Ex 8-12 and be ready to discuss them on Monday (NO NEED TO DO THE PARAGRAPH QUESTION). On Monday we will look at the three economic plans the Bolsheviks used from 1918-1928 during the Civil War and the introduction of Stalinist policy. I plan to have the unit final exam on Thursday. Thank you for all of your good work this week - the class has a great tone and that is because of you!

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