Tuesday, 10 March 2015

History 12-1: Google Doc

We began by debriefing DeMarco and looking at the 5-Year Plans. We will look deeper into that tomorrow. Next, we used this LINK to access a Google Presentation for our unit vocabulary terms. We'll finish that tomorrow. We ended by learning how to analyze/speak to political cartoon and other media sources. I have included a sample of that below.

For homework, please complete the chapter on the USSR, including the exercises. 
I have had to move the unit exam to Friday: Thursday is already a shortened block this week and today it was decided that we are having a fire drill in that block and I fear if we still use Thursday for a test some students will feel extra pressure and either get anxious or rush to finish and thus not give a true reflection of their best work; sorry for the upset.
Ex 1 - source
Ex 1 - paragraph

Ex 2 - a
Ex 2 - b
Ex 3

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