Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Socials 10-2: BC Gold Rush.

Please post a comment summarizing 10 bullet points about the Cariboo Gold Rush.


  1. 1) The Governor did not want American miners in BC.
    2) The Cariboo Gold Rush was based on the Thompson and Fraser rivers.
    3) Many miners were unemployed and hoped making quick and easy money.
    4) The first ship to arrive was the Yosemite.
    5) Miners had trouble getting across the Georgia Strait.
    6) There were nearly 10,000 miners in BC within a year.
    7) With so many miners in BC the mainland had become vulnerable to US annexation.
    8) Miners moved North to find the source of the gold.
    9) Source of the gold was the Cariboo river.
    10) The government built the Cariboo road to tax the gold and make money.
    11) The road took to long to build and when it was done the gold rush was all but finished.

  2. 1. The Cariboo Gold Rush was a gold rush in the Colony of British Columbia.
    2. Later became part of British Columbia.
    3. First gold discovery was made in 1859.
    4. The actual rush did not begin until 1861.
    5. Barkersville is now preserved as a heritage site and tourist attraction.
    6. The Cariboo Gold Rush is the most famous of the gold rushes in British Columbia.
    7. Cariboo goldfields were the impetus for the construction of the Cariboo Wagon Road by the Royal Engineers.
    8. Towns along the Cariboo Road include Clinton, 100 Mile House and Williams Lake.
    9. The Cariboo Wagon Road was an immense infrastructure burden for the colony but needed to be built to enable access and bring governmental authority to the Cariboo goldfields.
    10. The wagon road's most important freight was the Gold Escort, which brought government bullion to Yale for shipment to the colonial treasury.

  3. -"get rich quick" The "Canadian Dream"

    -1849 western North American gold rushes fuel the optimisms and hope of getting rich "quick

    - the gold rush was real just as it was fantasy- promising to find nuggets of gold the size of your fist

    -Governor Douglas planned to make the Cariboo Road as an effort to scrape revenue from people traveling into the gold rushes

    - California Gold Rush began in January 24, 1848; news spread and about 300,000 people arrived from the U.S and the world

    -The gold seekers in California called " The Forty-Niners" (gold rush of 1849)

    -Cariboo Road took 4 years and $750 000 to complete, but the gold rush was already past it's climax

    -The population of San Francisco grew from 1000 to about 25,000

    -By 1850, most of the easily accessible gold had been collected, and the gold led miners to extracting gold from more difficult positions

  4. 1.The Cariboo Road was constructed to be able to tax miners for their gold.
    2. Many people perished on their trek up north.

  5. -Started 1848
    -First discovered in Horsefly River
    -publicity brought lots of miners from all over
    -promises of gold were made
    -produced $50 million of gold

  6. 1. The miners thought they could become rich over night.
    2.Most of them found gold along the sandbars on both rivers.
    3.By the end of the summer there were 10,000 miners (mostly American) were working on the Frazer River.
    4. To improve transportation of supplies to the mines Governor James Douglas decided to have a road built to the Cariboo.
    5. The royal engineers were ordered to map out the best route for the cariboo wagon road.
    6. the miners traveled there by land and sea

  7. • In 1848, gold was discovered along the Sacramento River in central California.
    • The gold rush was also a fantasy because you can be wealthy overnight.
    • Most discovered that the best sources for easily found gold were on the sandbars along Fraser River and Thompson River.
    • In reality, gold seeker had to stake a claim along a creek and then sink a mine shaft down to bedrock.

    1. *Since 1858, the recorded placer gold production in British Columbia has amounted to nearly $100,000,000.
      *The Royal Engineers began construction on the Cariboo Wagon Road.
      *Americans ascending the Columbia River discover gold in British territory.
      *Cariboo Gold Rush bring men and women from all over to the Cariboo.
      *Barkerville is named after Billy Barker and his successful claim. Barkerville becomes the largest mining town in the Cariboo with about ten thousand residents in 1863-64.
      *In 1864,Cariboo Wagon Road reaches Barkerville

  8. Ethan Hutton, Charlie Pickering22 April 2014 at 13:40

    Ethan and Charlie
    1) People went there to try and "get rich quick".
    2) Most of the claims had been staked in california by the time people started arriving for the rush of 1849.
    3) Hundreds of unimployed miners were trying to book tickets to get to the north.
    4) Most miners were American.
    5) Transportation was mostly by donkeys
    6) Sappers built the road to Barkerville
    7) In the early 1860s, Governor Douglas realized that profitable mining operations in the Cariboo were happening right under
    his nose, yet the colony wasn't seeing a penny of revenue

  9. - the optimism was fuelled by a series of gold rushes in western North AMerica between 1849 and the end of the century.
    - in 1849, gold was discovered along the Sacramento River in central California.
    - the gold rush was a fantasy; promised that you could scramble along the banks of a gold-bearing creek, and become wealthy overnight.
    - since all the gold removed from British Columbia was taxable, Doulas decided to build a road to the goldfields; he could unsure that the gold would leave the region via the Fraser, not through US territory.
    - the discovery of gold in 1858 at Hill’s bar, two miles south of Yale, cause the first massive influx of people into the Lower Fraser region.
    - the majority of people came from the California Gold Rush, landed in Fort Victoria and travelled across the Gulf and up the Fraser River.

    1. - some claim gold dust was traded from the first nations people as early as 1852
      - Donald McLean sent two pint-sized pickle bottles of gold back to James Douglas
      - The miners came first to Victoria to obtain a valid "mining license" which permitted them to prospect for gold.
      - Victoria became a tent city as miners camped while they purchased their mining licenses, and all the supplies - equipment, food, and clothing

  10. 1. The first gold discovery was made in 1859 at Horsefly River.
    2. The actual rush did not begin until 1861.
    3. The Cariboo Gold Rush is the most famous gold rush in B.C.
    4.The Cariboo Gold Rush was three years after the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush.
    5. 1862 drew a large variety of miners.
    6.Barkerville's deep placers and rich hillside deposits were worked from 1864 to the 1930s.
    7.Cariboo approximated $50 million, about one-half the B.C. total since 1858.

  11. 1.when people heard about the gold rush they traveled there and many died on the way.
    2.most of the people didn't get rich and many didn't make it home.
    3.lots of the people that went there for the fantasy of getting rich found themselves working as minors for the original claim holders.
    4.the Hudson's bay company arived in fort victoria with 2 vials filled with gold dust in small nuggets that he had panned.
    5.most people found that the best source for easy found gold were on the sandbars along both rivers.
    6.hundreds of unemployed minors were trying to get there and booking tikets on any boat that was heading there.

  12. The Cariboo Gold Rush

    -Many were miners, following the gold that had drawn them to California in 1849
    -Barely literate, could barely read and write but enough to get by on a day-to-day basis.
    - The men who ran roadhouses kept daybooks which they kept track of everything that happened there (who stayed, eggs, butter churned)
    - Miners invented tools and machines that made it easier to search for the gold.
    - The gold rush was in the Colony of B.C.
    - 1855-56 Americans ascending the Columbia River discover gold in British territory.
    - 59,70,108,118,122,127,137,141,150 Mile houses were also known as roadhouses
    -Many of the towns were found by minors who were following gold in the creeks.
    -during the fraser river gold rush many gold mining towns began.
    -The methods of extracting gold from the earth changed rapidly over a relatively short period of time. New equipment and mining methods were invented by miners seeking new and more effective means of mining gold.

  13. - Most of the people going toward the gold rush vanish
    - Majority of the people from the gold rush didn't really got rich
    - The Gold Rush become a threat for Canada ( the Americans might try to go North )
    - Many young adults willing to get to the mine, paying any kind of boat to get to the mine
    - Many people came from West
    - Cariboo road was not successful due to that the gold rush didn't last long
    - The miners have figured out the easiest way to get gold, and it was at the sand box