Monday, 7 April 2014

History 12-1: Intro to the USA in the 20s and 30s

I didn't post on Thursday because we just wrote the fascism unit test and there was no weekend homework.

Today we shifted gears and went back to 1919 to discuss what was going on in the USA (I mean U.S.A.) during the 1920s.  We checked in to see what you already know and you came up with some important pieces: prohibition; isolationism; "Roaring 20s;" most powerful economy; etc.  We looked at what the Republican presidents were like and discussed a number of economic issues: the recent housing collapse; the importance of trust in the banking system; the nature of interest and the middle-man role of banks; etc.  We then looked at the forces that precipitated the Depression.

The reign of the Republicans ended in 1933 with the election
of Democrat Franklin Roosevelt (F.D.R.)
For homework, please read DeMarco pp. 113-117 and complete Ex 1-3 (most of this will review what we discussed today).

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