Wednesday, 23 April 2014

History 12-1: The Path to WW2

Today we did a summary study guide to the Spanish Civil War as a recap of yesterday's lesson.  We did a jigsaw activity and came together at the end to share our findings.  We wrote three sentences to summarize what we saw as the most important points to remember - you did well here.  Next, we debriefed DeMarco; lease ensure you do your reading: in a small class everyone has to pull his or her weight.  We ended by examining the two views for the cause of the war 1) action by the fascists and 2) inaction by the League members.  You must be able to remember the CASPRR acronym to aid in the recall of the step.  Tomorrow we'll watch the 20th Century video about appeasement.

There is no reading unless you did not get yesterday's done.

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