Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Socials 10-3: National Policy and Test Prep

Today we got ready for Friday's test.  We reviewed the format of the test and I gave some sample questions for each segment.  Remember that one of the timelines covers the early for trade and the other covers the Métis unrest in the West (see p. 126). I explained how the what / so-what questions will work and then we practiced some. After that, we looked at the multiple-choice question format. Remember that the questions are going to focus on big ideas. Do not worry about the small details; I add those to add some color and interest to the story but I am only really concerned about your understanding the big forces that were at work in the West during the period of our study: ask yourself how westward expansion and the arrival of Europeans changed life on the Prairies.

I'd like you to read the section in the textbook that covers the National Dream and the National Policy: pp. 194 - 201 (just to fill in the rest of the story).

Here is the sketch notepad I promised you (and a couple more).

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