Tuesday, 1 April 2014

History 12-1: Debriefing the Holocaust and test prep

Today we took some time to complete the comparison of Mussolini's fascist state and Hitler's.  Next, we discussed the Canadian connection to Hitler's Germany through Ex. 9 from Falk.  As I said in class, it is easy to try to wash away our country's failings and laud the accomplishments, but I think it is important to keep a balanced perspective.  We also read from Howarth to learn a bit about the growth of fascism in the democracies of France and Britain.  Here are some notes from the map book:
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We ended the class by going over the format of our next test.  I will try to keep some time at the end of tomorrow's presentation to do a bit more review.  Please complete Ex 8 for homework if you were unable to do so in class.

Example test questions

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