Wednesday, 30 April 2014

History 12: China and Japan before the War

Today we started with a reading quiz to highlight some of the main points from the two DeMarco chapters.  Next, we watched Connor's video from last semester on the North African campaign.  We also used some slides to discuss the shifts in power in China and Japan before the Second World War:  we see the rise of military rulers in both countries.  We also reconnected with the Manchuria Crisis of 1931 (from our discussion of US isolationism and the Lytton Commission of the League).

I'd certainly have video of MacArthur wading ashore upon
his return to the Philippines.
We ended by reviewing my sketchnote.  If you were to use ThingLink how and where would you layer this image?

Please note that today's and tomorrow's Pacific War PPT can be accessed via the Mr. Marshall's PPTs on SlideShare link at the top right of this blog.

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