Wednesday, 16 April 2014

History 12-1: Preparing for the USA/India/Middle East Exam

We spent the majority of the block reviewing and studying for tomorrow's unit test on the U.S.A., India and the Middle East.  As noted, the paragraph will be on a topic associated with the U.S.A.  Please remember that we discussed the importance of acknowledging the counter argument of any hypothesis.  If, for example, you are asked to discuss the ways the U.S. government changed during the 1930s, don't forget to also mention how it stayed the same. We were going to wrap up our unit/test prep by gaining some practice layering media using ThingLink.  Here is an example I created in about two minutes: Gandhi example.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I promised Mr. M. some time to allow you to complete the Min of Ed satisfaction survey, so we didn't get finished our media creation (ok, we didn't even get started).
cryptic notes about the test format.
Please be ready to hand in you India paragraph at the start of tomorrow's class.

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