Friday, 27 February 2015

Socials 8-1 and 8-2: "The Crescent and the Cross"

Today we watched a quick episode of the Horrible Histories series on the crusades, and then we started the documentary "The Crescent and the Cross." It is important to be in class to view the film because we are stopping every ten minutes or so to discuss what we learn. I am also creating real-time sketchnotes on the side board to help model that skill. Regardless, if you miss class and wish to view the video, here is the LINK.

There is no homework - enjoy the weekend!
Modelling my sketchnoting in real time while the video was playing

SS8-1 got 34 minutes into the video

Subtle differences between this one from the afternoon class
and the other done this morning.

Jaylen did this sketchnote while the video was playing - tough to do!
Socials 8-2 got 28 minutes into the video

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