Thursday, 26 February 2015

Socials 10-4

Today I returned the Confederation projects. There are a few of you who are missing that mark - please get it in asap. We began the class by reading the intro narrative to the unit on The West (pp.125-28). We will be learning about the M├ętis and the Plains First Nations in this unit, so it is nice to get "a window" into the lives of these people. Next we finished adding data to our Google doc on the canoe and the York Boat (thanks go to those of you who were able to work maturely on that piece). After we completed our research, we spoke about the command words "compare" and "contrast." We then wrote a summary paragraph to the following prompt: "Compare and contrast the use of the canoe and the York boat in the fur trade." Need at topic sentence idea? How about this: Transportation was a key element of the fur trade.

Please have that paragraph completed (written double-spaced) and ready to hand in at the start of Tuesday's class. On Tuesday we will not have a regular class but attend a presentation in the theatre. Enjoy the weekend.

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