Tuesday, 17 February 2015

History 12: The Opening of the Paris Talks

We began the block with my returning the WW1 paragraphs and then we debriefed the Demarco questions for Ex. 1. I liked how many of you were adding your own notes to your answers during the discussion. When you study for exams those notes will give you fuel for your paragraphs. We spent the second half of the class in a roundtable sharing the details of our participant counties. I thought you did well in your mini-presentations (I'm sorry I interrupted some of you, but I was conscious of the time and I try to fit in any "big idea" connections when they arise. I'm also sorry we didn't have time to here from the Mandates.

For homework, please ensure you have your vocab term written for the Google Presentation (check out my sample if you forget what to do. Once again, here is the LINK

Also, please read pp. 33-36 in Demarco and complete all of Ex. 4 and 5.

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