Wednesday, 18 February 2015

History 12-1: Sources, The Big 3 and Wilson's 14 Points

We started today by reviewing those students who are up to date with their work and those who are getting behind. Please visit the Google Presentation to ensure your name is in the text box under your slide so you can get credit for your work.

Next we discussed Ex 5 (A), on how to deal with evidence. You may wish to review that from time to time because it is very useful in discussing "evidence" that is brought to any discussion.

We then had a short PPT presentation on the leaders at Paris. Here are some slides; you can see the rest via my SlideShare account. We ended the class by starting the 14 Points activity (Ex 3 from the Falk workbook), which I'll review with you on Friday. Ms. Beardsworth will be your teacher tomorrow. Thanks for your good participation in today's class.

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