Thursday, 12 February 2015

History 12-1: What/So-what and Summary of the First World War

Today we started with a quick review of the 1914 Europe map (I drew it from memory using the signpost states and the class labeled the countries). Next we shared our definitions of the terms from page 2 of Falk and then collaborated to build even better definitions (your classmates are a wonderful source of support in this course - have those debates outside of class). We then practiced creating some so-what statements.  It is important for you to remember that there is often many more than a single so-what for any one vocabulary term (in fact: if you get enough so-whats you might find you have written an essay).

Paragraph prompt and notes
We also read pp. 27-28 in DeMarco and answered Exercise 1, a-e. Remember that the homework is not "for marks," but that full participation in the course (doing work that allows you to participate meaningfully in discussions and group work) can positively influence your grade if you are on the cusp of two letter grades. We took time to debrief those Exercise 1 answers; you will note that the questions are always designed to open a discussion rather than merely highlight a particular point of fact.

We ended with the conclusion of the First World War review PowerPoint slides. Remember you can access the whole set of slide via the SlideShare link at the top-right of the homepage. Tomorrow we will have a brief paragraph writing lesson and then I'll ask you to write on the prompt shown on the brown slide. There is no homework.

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