Thursday, 26 February 2015

History 12-1: Unit wrap-up and test prep.

Today we began with an extended quiz to model the types of questions you can expect on tomorrow's unit test and to help you see where you are strong and where you might need to study. We discussed the answers in detail and I tried to show how there isn't always "one correct answer" to be memorized.

Next, we learned how to use the SPERM-G acronym to help guide us in a pre-write for a long written answer. This helps ensure that we don't compose answers that are too narrow in focus. I also wrote a topic sentence and then showed how we might start a paragraph on the Peace Talks of 1919. Finally, I shared the format of the test including the exact prompt that will appear on tomorrow's test. If you'd like, you can write tonight and then just re-compose from memory tomorrow.

Good luck - study hard tonight and I'll give you the weekend off.
Remember the role of the topic sentence and the clarifying sentence.

Example of SPERG-G in action (all letters might no apply
to a particular prompt).

Taking the SPERM-G sample and composing a rough copy. Not the
signpost words in red.

Tomorrow's unit test format

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