Friday, 24 October 2014

Thursday: Socials 11: Test Prep

Today we reviewed for Monday's First World War test. We did another quick quiz and I gave an info sheet on the Treaty of Versailles. We noted that this treaty was between the Allies and Germany but that the other Central Powers had their own separate treaties (the broader study of the Paris treaties is the first unit of History 12).  We learned that French Premier George Clemenceau's desire for harsh treatment of Germany (things like the diktat, Section 231 - War Guilt Clause, limits to her military, and the harsh reparation payments) helped ensure that another war would follow in short order. I also gave the prompt for the long paragraph question and told you of the SPERM-G acronym.  Study hard!
Oops: the prompt should say "First WORLD War" (not, Word War)

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