Thursday, 2 October 2014

Socials 11: Thur. 2 Oct: Majority vs. Minority Government

Today we began by touching on some current events: Hong Kong, ebola, Ukraine and ISIS (Syria/Iraq).  Try to connect with the news - will the P.M. order Canadian combat troops back into the Middle East?  Will our fighters be a part of the coalition bombing missions?  How will this issue be debated in the Commons?  What would you expect each of the parties to say on this issue?  This tied in with the policy details you researched for the table we started yesterday. Thanks to those who participated - you'll learn more and it will be more interesting if you are able to share in the learning.  Afterwards I returned the quiz.  As a whole the class did well.  On Monday at lunch there will be a tutorial for anyone who wishes to do a re-write (Tuesday at lunch). Remember that I record the most recent mark.  We ended by learning the difference between a majority and a minority government.  We learned that 155 is currently the magic number and that majority governments are inherently more stable than minority governments: majority governments get things done.  There is no homework.

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