Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thurs: Socials 11: The Map of Europe and Canada Enters the War

Today we started with my asking you to share one thing you already know about the First World War.  Next, we examined the map of Europe in 1914 and learned how to use the "signpost" states to construct the map from memory.  You won't be asked to label a map on any test, but you may be given a map and then be asked to tell which of the numbered countries on the map did this thing or that thing.  We also watched a short segment of the People's History that showed some of what going to war meant for Canada.  We won't be able to watch all of the segments; there just isn't enough time, but they can all be viewed on YouTube.  We ended by sharing one observation or thought from the video and then we talked briefly about what it would be like to wear a gas mask (congrats to Sam who managed to keep on the sample gas mask for the whole hour - not a very pleasant experience).

For homework I asked that you each answer two questions from the textbook study package - we'll share the answers tomorrow.

Sample Provincial Exam Question

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