Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Happy Tuesday: Socials 11 - Intro to the First World War

Today I started by sharing your marks from the test - well done. If you want to do a re-write, attend the tutorial at lunch today.  The re-write will be Thursday at 3:05 (those who have yet to write will do so then).

Next, we reviewed what we have learned and checked off outcomes from the Key Elements pages I gave you with the course outline.  Let's celebrate our successes!

Review the PPT via Slideshare
I also put on a graphic organizer to highlight some of the ideas we'll examine this week as we dive into the First World War.  Note how I try to start with big themes, and then I ask what are the key ideas inside those.  We then finished the discussion we began on Friday as we tried to set the stage for what Canada was like on the eve of war.  In groups, we jigsawed the text readings that were companions to the PPT slides (pp. 6-16) and then shared our findings.  For homework, please read pp. 20-24 in the text (stop when you get to "Canada's Response to the War").

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