Thursday, 30 October 2014

Socials 11: Ex#7 Women and Creating Graphs with Excel

Today we began class with a quick review of the Winnipeg General Strike and then watched the remainder of the episode on the Strike from the People's History series. Next, we debriefed exercise seven and spoke about the Christian Women's Temperance Union and the idea of prohibition.  We also revisited the person's case and saw how women started to fill roles of a story within the government and the judicial system starting with Agnes MacPhail in 1921.  Next, I
gave a short demonstration on how to create a table in Microsoft Excel and showed how to convert the data in a table to a visual graph. Students had a chance to practice on their own and then transported a graph into a Microsoft Word document that spoke to the changing economic conditions in Canada after the First World War. Please keep a hard copy of that document in your notebooks.

For homework, please complete Exercise #9 on the economic situation in the 1920s. Tomorrow I will demonstrate a skill called sketchnoting.

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