Thursday, 9 October 2014

Socials 11: Gov't Unit Test Prep.

Today we did a comprehensive review quiz and then debriefed together.  Next we did a quick run through the Falk workbook chapter terms (p. 2).  I ended with a short lesson on interpreting political cartoons.  I've decided not to include a source question on tomorrow's test. Here is the format of the test:
Part One: 10 true/false questions (10 marks)
Part Two: describe 4 of 5 vocab terms (8 marks)
Part Three: two short answer questions on big ideas (6 marks)
Part Four: 30 multiple choice questions (30 marks)

Here are some board notes from an after school tutorial one of your classmates and I shared. Good luck.
The federal system

The House of Commons

The political spectrum and the Canadian parties

The provincial system and the three readings of a bill

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