Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wednesday, 28 May: All classes

Due to the time constraints, I have to compose an amalgamated, condensed blog post:

Socials 10-3: Today we focused in on the Naval Services Bill of 1910 and Laurier's Reciprocity Treaty of 1911.  We watched the People's History episode "I am Canadian First."  I was impressed with the quality of your ideas; here is a shot of the board work you created in discussion:

There is no homework.

Socials 8-2: Today we worked to complete of study of explorers and trade.  All five sheets should be compete when you come to class on Friday when we'll be working on the synthesizing paragraph activity.

History 12-1: Today we examined the conflict in Vietnam from the end of the Second World War to the departure of the U.S.A. and subsequent peace talks and the complications with the newly amalgamated country's neighbours. I'd like you to complete Falk Ex # 1 (we'll do #2 on Friday) 2. On Friday we'll examine détente as a response to the Cold War.  Please read Falk pp. 184-89 prior to Friday's class.

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