Tuesday, 6 May 2014

History 12-1: The End of the War

Today we began by watching "The Road to Germany," and debriefing the Falk study guide.  Next, we had a discussion around the use of technology and how that aspect of the war had changed and even what it meant for the future.

Tomorrow we'll debrief the war conferences and watch a "World at War" interview about the shape of the post-war peace (can you still remember 1919?).  We'll also do a general unit review in preparation for Thursday's WW2 unit test.  Friday we start the Cold War.

For homework, please read pp114-16 in Falk; read 154-55 in DeMarco, and go to SlideShare to read the PPT on the war conferences.

I'm still missing some "War in the Pacific" paragraphs from last week and not everyone has written a blog comment describing one of the theatres of war.  Italy is up for grabs, as is the Mediterranean, Burma and even Northwest Europe (D-Day?).

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