Friday, 16 May 2014

History 12-1: Cold-War Confrontation/Escalation

Today we started with a review of the main terms we've studied to date.  Then we used an incomplete sketchnote to curate the escalation of tensions/stressors.
We also watched a short clip of confrontation involving General Clay and Soviet tanks at Checkpoint Charlie and J.F.K.'s famous Ich bin ein Berliner speech.  The speech allowed us to have a good discussion about the issue of protecting West Berlin sovereignty against Soviet designs.  We were able to reconnect with terms such as communism, democracy, capitalism and dictatorship.  I thought your did well today and I feel we tightened up our understanding nicely.  On Tuesday we'll investigate the Cuban Missile Crisis and get ready for Wednesday's unit test.

Please review p.144 in Falk and read pp.223-28 in DeMarco (no questions need be done).  Enjoy your break.

Erik: the North Korean capital did fall to the UN forces after Inchon but was recaptured by the Chinese during their drive south.

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