Monday, 12 May 2014

Socials 10-3: Fishing and logging Google doc activity

Today we did some constructivist learning to wrap up our look at early BC industries.  We formed two working groups to create two Google docs to summarize our learning about logging and fishing.  The groups were given full autonomy to create their documents from content and design to work sharing. I have locked the docs to comments only to ensure they stay in tact for people to access.

Here is the link to the Fishing Google doc

Here is the link to the Logging Google doc

Both groups were directed to study each other's work because on Wednesday we'll have an assessment.   I asked if that should be objective test questions or two summarizing paragraphs and the class was split so you can probably expect a split of both.  It would probably be wise to do a paragraph pre-write just in case (hint, hint).

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