Tuesday, 20 May 2014

HIstory 12-1: Cuban Missile Crisis

Today we started by doing a Cuban Crisis Excomm meeting reenactment.  It was difficult for some to "get in character" and difficult for all who felt they needed more background info to their character and how he might have thought.  In a way, that made the scenario real because the people of the day also had imperfect intelligence available in order to make their decisions.  Next, we watched a segment for the JFK documentary and took notes on the "play-by-play" and key points.  We saw, for example, that the Soviets were in fact ready to launch their Luna missiles had the USA acted aggressively against Cuba; we also saw the important role that Bobby Kennedy played both during Excomm discussions, intermediary between the Americans and the Soviet Ambassador in Washington, and in dealing with the "second letter."

Next, we debriefed Ex 10 from Falk.  Finally, we did a quick reminder of the format of tomorrow's test.  I suggest you take a drive-by through SlideShare to remind yourselves of the key points; the blog is also a good source.

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