Friday, 23 May 2014

History 12-1: China and Mao's plans

Today we began with a jigsaw activity based on some readings out of the Howarth text.  It would have been better with everyone here, but those who participated took up the slack well.  Next, we watched some video snippets that I've collected over the years and at the end of class had an interesting discussion about how some of Mao's views (criticisms) of liberalism could be related to our lives.  Things then took a turn and we included a discussion of the role of public education in society and how it and other elements of our western world all fit together.  Thanks for sharing your ideas so freely.  It's nice to be able to see how the course can help us give context and order to our thinking about our world.

Remember, I need you to finish reading the DeMarco chapter on China.  We'll try to wrap things up on Monday.  You may wish to get a head start on the Falk exercises.  Enjoy your weekend, wether you're going to the concert on Sunday, or not.

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