Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Socials 8-1/8-2: Crescent and the Cross Documentary

Today we watched the BBC documentary "The Crescent and the Cross."  We stopped every ten minutes to share our learning and to discuss the main features.  Here is the link to the film:
Video: 180 minutes

Here are my sketchnotes:

Section Three got to minute 45 and Section One got to minute 39 (because they also watched the Horrible History).  There is no homework unless you still have not handed in your group's castle design work.

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  1. The two things I found that were most important and interesting from what we watched today were, that the Crusaders only got into the city of Antioch because of a traitor in the Muslim Army snuck them in, the Turkish army actually got Yahgi-Siyan's carrier pigeon message, and Yahgi-Siyan was beheaded and his head was placed on a stick out of hatred.