Tuesday, 4 February 2014

History 12-1: The First World War: Part 2

Today we reviewed the political elements of the First World War and then examined the nature of the war itself.  We only have time for a cursory review as it is expected that students will have an understanding of this war from Socials 11.  I understand that in Socials 11 you only really get exposed to the Western Front, but examination of the others now would take time we can't spare away from other topics.

I asked that students attempt their first History 12 paragraph for homework.  Please be careful NOT to retell the story of the war.  Your job is to use the key vocabulary terms to set the tone for the 1919 Paris Peace Talks by explaining the nature of the politics that got the warring nations to the battlefields, and then describing the nature of this new style war itself.  I suggest that you consider using the word "cynicism" somewhere in your conclusion.  In the editing stage, ask yourself if a reader would be able to as "so what?" at the end of any of your sentences.  He the answer is, "yes," go back and tell the significance of what you've shared in that sentence.  Good luck and don't worry if you don't achieve perfection this first time - we're all learning.

Remember, the PPT is available via the Slideshare link on the side tab of the blog.

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