Thursday, 27 February 2014

History 12-1: Getting ready for the March Revolution

Today we started by debriefing the 1919 unit test.  I thought that you did well on the what/so-what page: that is difficult for most people to do at the beginning of the course.  Next, we did a short activity to organize a timeline of the events we've studied to date.  Next we used a PPT to discuss the landscape of the Russian political landscape in the first twenty years of the century.
The Octobrists are in the centre of the spectrum.  The Bolsheviks
are a small group of revolutionaries (the Mensheviks and Social
Revolutionaries are much more numerous.  The Cadets are much
like our Canadian politicians.
We also read a short piece summarizing the Stolypin land reforms: I asked that you write a response to either #2 or #3 from that worksheet.  Also, please read DeMarco pp 40-44 and complete notes for Ex 3-5.
We'll have our retest tutorial tomorrow at 3:10 
and we'll have the retest on Monday at 3:10.

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