Wednesday, 19 February 2014

History 12-1: Sketchnoting practice

An earlier sketchnote on Paper53 to help with exam prep.
Today we added to the skills introduced yesterday, and then took some time to apply our new skills by creating a sketchnote to summarize the outcomes of the Versailles Treaty.  Here is mine; please be ready to share yours tomorrow.

Today's effort: not as much fun as Paper53 on the iPad, but
much faster to create w/o the need to use the zoom feature.
We ended the class by reviewing the evidence practice exercise (5a and 5b) from Falk. Some of the main ideas that came out of that discussion were the importance of recognizing bias and noting how one source can corroborate or contradict another.  It is our job as historians to weigh the evidence on its various merits to determine what we should believe.  For example, we now have a stronger understanding of Woodrow Wilson's attitude towards what "fair" treatment for post-war Germany might look like.  This also reinforces our need to seek a number of sources when creating/determining our understanding about a topic, event or person.

Tomorrow we'll finish up the unit and prep for Friday's unit test.

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