Wednesday, 5 February 2014

History 12-1: Intro to the paragraph

Today we came to class with our First World War paragraphs completed; thank you all for being so responsible (this bodes well for our success as a group this semester).  Next, we spent time reviewing the paragraph rubric and learning how to analyze writing in order to better self-evaluate our work.  Next we looked at a few examples of past student writing and identified what was good and what could be improved.  I wanted to give you time to start to re-write in class, but we ran out of time.  Please come tomorrow with a "good" copy of today's paragraph AND a completed self-evaluation (rubric).

Remember that writing is a process and it will take time to develop all of the traits that I'm encouraging: be patient and remember to celebrate your successes - the pieces will come to make a satisfying whole before you know it.

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