Tuesday, 25 February 2014

History 12-1: Intro to Marxism

Today we debriefed the exam policies.  Those who missed the test yesterday due to a variety of circumstances my write tomorrow at 3:10.  Remember that you may rewrite any test, but in order to do that you must attend the first sitting, attend a mandatory review session and accept the second mark, even if it's lower than the first (that rarely happens anyway).

Next, I shared a funny (okay, it's supposed to be funny) story to introduce the idea of the right wing vs. the left.  We then had a discussion about Marx and Marxism.  I issued a reading from Pipes' Communism, A History and asked you to come to class with it read (and with notes in the margin showing your thoughts/observations - I've given you some of mine to get you started).  Finally, I asked that you read pp. 37-40 in DeMarco, and complete the brief notes for the questions in Ex 1-2.

Remember: test tomorrow at 3:10.

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