Thursday, 13 February 2014

History 12-1: Treaty of Versailles and the Big 3

Today we began by debriefing Ex 4 and 5 from DeMarco, pp 33-36.  We then had a PPT discussion on the leaders at the Paris Peace Talks in 1919.  I identified them as "the realist," "the pragmatist," "the idealist," and, "the indignant."  I asked that you compose a paragraph to identify the the views of these leaders and discuss the reasons they were held.  All of your readings and exercises to-date should be considered useful in preparing this piece; you may e-mail me your finished work PLEASE DOUBLE-SPACE.  Here is the prompt for that paragraph:

Next, I went over Falk's Ex 5a that describes the different considerations that should be considered when examining primary and secondary sources.  I also issued Ex 5b, a practice on evidence concerning the Treaty of Versailles, and asked that it be ready for debriefing on Monday.

There is no reading homework tonight.

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