Friday, 17 January 2014

SS 8-2: Castle Paragraph, Society and Beliefs readings

Today we had an individualized day.  Students worked their way through a number of activities:

1.  Complete the "Castles" paragraph (from notes taken last class - about eight sentences in length)
2.  Read pp. 50-54 (comparing the lives of commoners and nobles - no questions)
3.  Complete the study guide for pp. 54-56 (examining Christianity and beliefs; including Celtic art)

Please ensure you come to class with at least 1 and 2 completed (it would be best if all parts were done).

I have spoken to all students about missing work and e-mailed a pre-report card home to every family that provided the school with a current e-mail address.  If you did not receive a report, please contact me if you'd like one: / 604-885-2004

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