Wednesday, 8 January 2014

History 12-2/12-3 China - Day 3 - Great Leap Forward

Today we began by reading the second half of Chapter 15 in DeMarco.  You should create some notes for yourself for Ex 6-10.  If you were unable to finish in class, please do so at home.  Next, we reviewed the seven questions I gave yesterday from pp 177-179 in Falk.  Here are some notes:

Next, I asked that you each take one term from the unit vocab list on p.156 of Falk (# 44-57) and develop a what/so-what response.  Please post your statements on the google doc.

We concluded by watching a few short clips, one on The Great Leap Forward (be happy you are not a sparrow) and one on the Cultural Revolution.

Please complete Ex 13 (pp. 179-182) from Falk before tomorrow's class.

Tomorrow we'll wrap up and do a quick review for Friday's test.
See yesterday's post for DEADLINES this week.

Here are some notes for tomorrow:

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  1. Oops: I see a typo on the last screen shot: I forgot a letter in Tiananmen.