Tuesday, 7 January 2014

History 12-2/12-3 China - Day 2

Please note the dates/deadlines at the bottom of this post.

Today we read a 6-page essay about Mao and the way he effected revolution in China.  We took note of the role of the peasants and the differences between the way the revolution evolved in China compared to what we know happened in Russia after the Bolsheviks took over.  We also watched the video on Mao that goes with the Ex 12 study guide.  Finally, I gave some questions for home study.  Here they are:
Please complete these before tomorrow 's class

Don't forget that the China unit test is on Friday, 10 Jan.  I will also hold a Cold War re-test tutorial on Thursday at 3:10.  People who attend the tutorial may re-write (the next day) on Friday at 3:10.  

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT FRIDAY (BEFORE 12:40) IS ALSO THE DEADLINE TO PRESENT YOUR SECOND WORLD WAR PRESENTATIONS TO ME. The course deadline is looming and I can no longer allow extensions.  

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