Thursday, 9 January 2014

History 12-2/12-3 Last lesson on China/test review

Today's was a packed lesson and I'm sorry for that!

We began by debriefing the Cold War test you wrote before the winter break.  I have by necessity, changed my policy on test writing times.  From now on, we'll write on Friday and I'll return on the following Monday.  Then we'll have a tutorial on Thursday for students who wish to have a re-write the next day.  This way, students who are regularly attending will have the benefit of getting feedback in a timely fashion and the ability to re-write in a timely fashion.  If you miss the first sitting of a test, you will miss the chance of doing a re-write.  Students who miss the test will be allowed to sit in the debrief but they will write their one and only test with those who are writing the re-write.

Only one student came to today's tutorial and so only one will be able to write tomorrow's Cold War re-test.

Next we tidied up the China unit and did a review at the same time.  I created a pair of timelines: they will both be on the unit test.
Click to enlarge

I also reviewed Ex 13 and we reviewed Ex 13 from Falk.  Please add your vocab terms to yesterday's Google doc (on yesterday's blog post).  I also reviewed the paragraph shown on yesterday's post.  We looked at a map of post-1949 China and noted some of the conflict that has occurred with China's neighbours.

With regards to the development of large agricultural communes that characterized Chinese farming after the Great Leap Forward, here is a graphic:

Remember to review the 6-page essay we read (with the marginal notes)  Pay particular attention to pages 4 and 6.  The "source" paragraph question will relate to one of the six items that are in boxes on the timeline (shhhh - don't tell anyone).

Good luck - the course is almost over - keep pushing yourselves.

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