Wednesday, 15 January 2014

History 12-3/12-2 Vietnam #1

Today I gave out a Southeast Asia Map activity that both reviewed some of the key places and dates in the region from other units we've studied, and introduced some new ones.  Next, we had a discussion (although I did most of the talking) around the French and US experiences in Vietnam after the Second World War.  Here is the concluding slide:

I also asked that you complete the Falk Vietnam exercise sheet and that you start to think about what images you might like to use in tomorrow's photo montage activity.  Come to class early to get the best computer!  Actually, all of the computers are the same, but you should come early to get as much time as possible - we only have one class block to finish.

There are a few students who either missed last week's test OR are hovering above or below the 50% mark for Term Two.
Tomorrow at lunch I'll be holding a "required" tutorial to prep for Friday's China retest for the following students:

+ anyone else who'd like to rewrite

The retest will be FRIDAY at 3:10 p.m.

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