Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Socials 11: Treatment of special groups

Today we began with a quick review of the 1920s-30s test.  Students kept their paragraphs for their records.  Since no one viewed the screencast on the Italian campaign, we couldn't discuss it.  This will be covered in the unit test and it will be one of the choices for the next paragraph assignment.  If you choose not to watch it, a less time consuming alternative might be to review the slides (without the narrative) on SlideShare.

Next we debriefed Ex #10 on the treatment of enemy aliens, Japanese Canadians and Jewish Canadians.  We also watched the segment of the People's History about the internment of Japanese Canadians and the Custody of Enemy Alien Act that allowed for the confiscation and sale of Japanese Canadians' private property.

We ended with a brief discussion of the three main roles of the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war.  You must know about Bomber Command and "The Plan" (BCATP).  We will discuss the Home Front tomorrow. Please ensure Ex. 9 and 16 are completed.

Note the "myth of the Few."  The pilots were few
and heroic, but the battle was won because of
the complete, integrated air defence structure.

Bomber Command had a terrible rate of loss!

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