Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Socials 10-2 (Nov 27) Socials 10-4 (Nov 28) The political spectrum

Today we started with a quiz to see how we're doing in mastering the Canadian federal system.  Here is the quiz:

Next, something interesting happened: almost by spontaneous suggestion, we decided that it would be interesting to create some sort of class government experiment.  That idea intrigued me.  Hmm, I thought, because of Ms. Wagner's good pacing, we are ahead of schedule so this would be possible.  Okay, quick shift and we looked how a bill is passed in parliament and then took a quick look at the different political "isms," and the political spectrum.  Next class we'll discuss creating parties and then figure out how we can hold an election.  I'm thinking that we might be able to create platforms and then present them to another class.  Ideas? Another pair of great classes folks -   There is no homework.

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