Monday, 3 November 2014

Socials 11: Monday: Post-Secondary Schools Visit; Economy

Notes from "We'll Hoe Our Own Roe."

Today was a somewhat disjointed lesson.  The grade 12s were away for the whole lesson, as were some 11s.  I asked that the 11s attend the first half of class and we used that time to learn how the map of Europe changed after the 1919 Paris Peace Treaties and then we debriefed Ex #9.  In the second half of the lesson we watched a segment of the People's History called "We'll Hoe Our Own Row" about farmers in the 1920s and the political movement that developed out of their dissatisfaction with the "old parties."  Tomorrow we'll examine the events of the 1920s that led to increased Canadian autonomy and then create a sketchnnote.
Ex #9 - Page 1
Ex #9 - Page 2

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