Monday, 17 November 2014

Socials 11 -1: Intro to the Second World War

Today started by seeing what you already knew about this topic. We then watched the People's History clip on Canada joining the war.  We learned the importance of Sept. 1, 3 and 10, 1939. We also saw how Canada hoped initially to engage in a limited war, but after the fall of France was Britain's only ally - Go Canada!  We had a PPT directed discussion on some of the main causes of the war.  Remember, the Second World War is about defeating fascism and imperialism of a very different nature than that of the First World War.
Next, we looked at the schematic showing the involvement of the different branches of the Canadian military and identified some of the key engagements that we will study.  We ended by reading pp. 100-107 in the text.  I asked that you create three bullet-points from your reading (be ready to share one tomorrow).  I also asked that you develop two questions from the reading and share them onto this blogpost (first names only, please).


  1. 1. Why wouldn’t Canadian citizens be the ones to decide to go to war or not? Or at least have some say in the final decision?
    2. If countries were upset why wouldn’t they join together and try to overthrow Germany instead of them defeating other countries one by one?

  2. 1. Why were the Aboriginals the highest percentage of volunteers?
    2. If they all knew it was so bad and horrible, why did so many still signed up?

  3. 1.) Germany cross the line by trashing the Treaty of Versailles, how come Great Britain didn't do anything about it ?

    2.) Why would Hitler try to launch an attack to someone that he was neutral with, such as the USSR, why not make the neutral relationship to allies ?

  4. 1. In 1939 the Canadian army, air force, and navy troops were small in number, and the most of Canada´s equipment was outdated. How could the Canadian army become so large during the Second World War?

    2. Why did Prime Minister King give a strong speech in favour of declaring war on Septerber 8 in 1939 although King said that he did not want Canada to become involved in another world conflict a few month before? What changed his opinion so quickly?

  5. Thanks for your questions; you've come up with some very thoughtful ones. I hope everyone participates before class starts.

  6. 1) How was the British Navy able to rescue almost 340 000 soldiers from the Port of Dunkirk without the Germans killing everyone?

    2)What would Mackenzie King have done if no one enlisted to go to war? Would he have broken his promise and used conscription to get people to fight for Canada?

  7. Questions

    1. Why was Britain so afraid of the germans?
    2. Why did china fight in the war?

  8. 1. What were farmers told to grow more of?
    2. What three country's were known as the Axis?

  9. Questions
    1. In the month of September, alone, how many people volunteered for service in Canada?
    2. On what day did the German Wehrmacht (armed forces) begin its invasion of the Netherlands?

  10. 1: How did Germany have the resources to fuel another war immediately after the first one? Especially with the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles.

    2: Did soldiers still have a glorified perception of war the second time around?