Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Socials 11: The Battle of the Atlantic

Today we started with an excerpt from the book Corvettes Canada by Mac Johnston.  Next we had a PPT lesson on the Battle of the Atlantic.  Remember, this is the longest battle of the war (it lasts from start to finish).  For the Allies it is about keeping the supply line to Britain open so she can continue the fight after the May, 1940 fall of France.  For Admiral Dönitz and the U-boats it is about cutting that line and starving Britain into submission.  Almost everything the Royal Canadian Navy does in the war is focussed on this campaign.  The star of the RCN is a small ship called the corvette (and its key defence for the merchant ships: the convoy).  We started to write a summary paragraph in class.  Please come to tomorrow's class with that done.  Also, many of you have yet to add a comment to yesterday's blogpost - please "get 'er done."

If you wish to review the whole slideshow, it is on my SlideShare account.

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