Friday, 26 September 2014

Socials 11, Friday 26 Sept: Ideology

Today our review activity was to share one fact or term from the government unit with our classmates. Next, I used the Funnyisms PPT to introduce the concept of political ideology.  We then used the Political Spectrum PPT to see in more detail how tradition and change can affect ideology. Both PPTs can be accessed via the SlideShare link at the top right of the blog's homepage.

I noted that this lesson is difficult for many students because it falls outside of their experience.  Don't worry if you found today's lesson challenging; we will be using these terms throughout the course. I hope you soon feel comfortable enough to interrupt me and ask questions whenever I use a term with which you are unfamiliar.  We ended the class by completing (and then debriefing) Ex #2 (pp. 3-5 in the Falk workbook).  There is no homework.

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