Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Intro to Socials 10 and the map of Canada

Today we began by getting our text and the course outline.  I also issued a copy of the curriculum "Key Elements" that can act as a checklist for the topic we will examine this year.  I then asked you to work in pairs to add the political boundaries to an outline map of Canada.  The results were encouraging.  You could separate Canada from the USA and also add many of the provincial borders.  Some brave souls came to the front and shared their ideas on the interactive white board - bravo!  I think your class is showing lots of life and you seem to have a playful spirit (we had lots of laughs).

I asked that you take a second outline map and add the physiographic regions of Canada.  This isn't as easy as it seems because different maps will have different answers (ie. number of regions) - analyze a few examples and then synthesize them onto your blank map.  We'll compare our answers on Thursday.

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