Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Socials 11: finishing our look at the federal government

Today we began with a brief oral quiz to review some of yesterday's ideas. Only by repeating the terms will we master them.  Next, we completed the PowerPoint (PPT) and then reviewed the complete terms list.  I also asked that you consider checking out the news to keep abreast of Canada's interactions with the rest of the world.  The news will discuss many of the ideas we are studying and take your learning out of the vacuum of the classroom. We ended by debriefing the first section on Worksheet #5 and I asked that you complete the four questions of Section B for homework. This is not for marks but is intended to get you into the workbook and thinking for 20 minutes so please understand that copying from a friend is a waste of your time - we'll review the answers in class.

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