Wednesday, 27 November 2013

History 12-2/12-3

Today we started the class with a five-question quiz on the Chapter 11-12 DeMarco readings.  Next, I shared a PowerPoint presentation on Operation Barbarossa and the Pacific War.  When we look at the "Eastern Front" we have to realize its scope: a 1000-mile wide front that spanned the distance from Leningrad in the north to Stalingrad in the south (that's Vancouver to Saskatoon).  It absorbed 75% of the German war effort!  You should understand the reasons why Hitler went east, why he was initially successful and why her ultimately failed.  Here is a sketchnote:

What more would you add? Winter clothing? Kursk? Ural
Mountains? What did Hitler say about "kicking in the door?"
In the Pacific we ask why little Japan would attack the USA.  Also, how did the nature of war in the Pacific differ from the other theatres. We need to be aware of terms such as: island hopping, withering on the vine, carriers, Manhattan Project, Pearl Harbor, Midway Island, Leyte Gulf, Asia for the Asians, South-East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere,  etc.
I omitted Hong Kong, the Doolittle Raid, Okinawa, and the
conventional bombing of Japan: what else could you add?
We spent the last 20 or so minutes getting into our mini-inquiry projects.  You are able to work in pairs and can choose any topic (confirm your choice with me, please).  Even better though, you can choose to share your learning in any way you want (ex. play, skit, song, puppet show, sketch notes, movie, stop-motion video, painting, model, replica artifacts, whatever (again, please confirm with me before moving forward).  We have the computers tomorrow.  Your "sharings" are due next Friday, Dec 6.

I will give you a quick review for Friday's test tomorrow (USA and the Depression; Mid-East nationalism; Indian nationalism).


  1. Inquiry on the bombing of Japan. -Eleanor

  2. We are doing an inquiry of the Holocaust
    Lilian and Adrianna

  3. North Africa Campaign - Connor

  4. Anne Frank- kimyah and rachel

  5. Battle of Midway-Summer and Kelly

  6. Bombing of Nagasaki- Kiri and Cassy

  7. Eastern front- nichi

  8. I'm doing life in the German concentration camps.